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i+iconSOUTHEAST is a diversified infrastructure services contractor specializing in marine construction, bridges and related structures, as well as a full scope of foundation pile driving services. Beginning operations in 1982, we focus on the geographical region from southern Virginia through Florida. 

Our efficiency and quality set us apart from others through competencies in:

Site work and utility work: Our personnel have decades of experience in performing the necessary site work such as grading, excavation, and utilities. Our utility work includes underground piping for potable water, sanitary and storm sewers, steam distribution lines, as well as electrical and communication duct banks. 

Concrete structures: Our concrete expertise includes various structures of the most complex nature including in and around water such as bridges, dolphins, docks, and forming and pouring of high piers, walls, and abutments.

Marine Work: We have equipment and personnel with experience to perform excavation, dredging, trenching, and scour protection of underwater structures from barges on the water.

Piling and deep foundations: We have extensive experience in pile driving and sheet pile construction. Team members have experience with precast concrete piling ranging from 12" - 54"  in lengths up to 180', steel pipe pile ranging from 12" diameter to 72" diameter up to 199' long weighing up to 330,000 lbs., steet pile installation for cofferdams up to 120' in length, and retaining wall systems for shoring protection. 


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